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The CD-1030! a device which fits under the bathroom sink. The main purpose of our product is to catch the hair, debris and other items which fall down the drain, before they reach the P-trap and beyond, into the sewer or septic system.

The CD-1030 catches these items in a removable and replaceable basket.  The basket can be removed and replaced with a new one in as little as 10 seconds.  Or, it can be cleaned with warm water and re-used.  Replacement baskets are affordably priced.

When the bathroom sink begins to drain slowly, or when a contact lens or a piece of jewelry goes down the drain, the clog is removed without the need for harsh chemical drain openers or rodding or tools or a plumber, in 10 seconds!  And, the contact lens or jewelry can be retrieved in 10 seconds!

Optometrists’ offices tell us that patients tell them “all the time” that they lost a contact lens down the drain.

Plumbers tell us that they get calls for clogged bathroom sink drains although there are so many products on the market today.

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